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Air Testing of New Sanitary & Storm Sewer Pipes is a valuable service that Nieltech offers its contractors and municipalities.  This low pressure test is the most efficient way to test pipe from manhole to manhole.  An inflatable plug is installed at one end and a test plug at the other end and all joints and laterals are capped.  The pipe is pressurized to 3 1/2 psi (24 kPa).  After allowing the pressure to stabalize it is adjusted to 20.5 kPa and the test begins.


Ontario Provincial Standards (OPS) Guide state the proper time to hold the test depending on the size and length of the pipe.  Any test that loses more than 1/2 psi (3.5 kPa) fails the air test.  The cause of the leak is then located so it can be repaired.  Then the pipe is retested.  To locate leaks pipes are tested in 20 foot lengths until the problem section is found.


Air Testing is performed on existing infrastructure as part of a municipality’s maintenance assessment program and/or on new constructed system prior to the assumption by the city.






Features & Benefits:

  • Cost Efficient

    • More efficient and cheaper than a water test

    • Much faster more accurate than traditional methods

    • Smaller crew needed

  • Environmentally Friendly

    • No waste water

    • No water cost to run the test

    • No toxic chemicals

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