Lateral Inspections

OZ II is an essential inspection tool for identifying infiltration and inflow, solids accumulation, root infiltration, pipe defects, and the structural condition of lateral services and mainline sewers!


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Nieltech owns the latest technology available to inspect lateral sewer lines from within the mainline pipes. The main line camera launches a secondary camera up the service line from the main line to detect any flaws in the installation. No cleanout access is required at property line or from within a residence in order to complete this type of inspection. 


Lateral inspections are invaluable services offered to both municipalities and residents. 


The right tool for the right job.


Lamp (Lateral and Mainline Probe)


Features & Benefits:

  • Features

    • Verify integrity of lateral services

    • Receive video inspection of pipe conditions

    • Lateral inspection of 2" through 6" diameter services

    • Inspect up to 30 meters into lateral services under ideal conditions

  • Benefits

    • Get lateral inspections and main line at the same time

    • Rotation control for the launcher

    • No cleanout access required

    • High quality video

    • Professional assessment report of video

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