Manhole to Manhole Liner

Nieltech truck crew in action


 Storm pipe before liner installation

Storm pipe before liner installation


Storm pipe after liner installation

Storm pipe after liner installation


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NovaForm is a thermoplastic and seamless Fold-and-Form liner that is manufactured in Canada and used for trenchless (no-dig) rehabilitation of wastewater pipelines. This factory made technology liner is softened by steam, folded and winched through the host pipe (manhole to manhole) and expanded, using heat and pressure, to the interior shape of the existing host pipe. 


Municipalities benefit from having new structural liner installed which is equivalent to DR 35 and DR 41 without having to disturb local residents and business by avoiding the traditional open-cut methods.  A perfect solution for corroded and cracked sanitary sewers to corrugated steel pipes in need of structural repairs.

PVC Fold and Form liners are structural, tight fit liner resistant to gases, chemicals, and corrosion. 


PVC Fold-and-Form is manufactured in strict accordance with the ASTM F1871 standard. These measures ensure a consistent final product for the end user.


It’s an environmental friendly trenchless technology which is odourless and it does not require any mixing of resins during the installation process. 


How it's done.

Liner is pulled into the pipe

Liner is pulled into the pipe

Crew installing pipe liner

Once inserted the liner is heated and expanded into place using steam and air


Robot looking down storm sewer

After installation the work is inspected


Features & Benefits:

  • PVC Fold-and-Form

    • Only decreases pipe diameter by 5%

    • Installs in hours

    • Hundreds of miles of pipe have already been lined

    • More cost effective that conventional reconstruction methods

    • Eliminates environmental impact of removing and disposing of existing materials

    • Unlike other lining methods, the installation of PVC Fold-and-Form liners is done with steam and compressed air and does not require any mixing of chemicals at the jobsite.

    • Reduces nuisance odours resulting in fewer complaints from residents and busnesses compared to other lining methods

  • PVC Fold-and-Form

    • No toxic chemicals

    • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC Free)

    • No digging

    • No surface disturbance

    • Stronger than the original pipe

    • Reduces the need for lengthy road closures, less impact to traffic flow

    • Reduces the danger of working adjacent to live traffic for an extended period of time

    • Factory-made, quality-controlled and tested to stringent ASTM standards

    • Highly resistant to chemicals and offers excellent abrasion and scratch resistant properties

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