Main Line Inspections

OZ II is an essential inspection tool for identifying infiltration and inflow, solids accumulation, root infiltration, pipe defects, and the structural condition of lateral services and mainline sewers!


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Nieltech’s technicians operate CCTV trucks with state of the art cameras, digital video technology and advanced data collection systems which record the condition of existing and new sewer systems.. 

The high resolution 360 degree Pan and Tilt CCTV camera system has a Zoom lens which can be directed for close up viewing of offset joints, cracks, broken pipe, leaking joints, protruding services and root intrusions, rolled gaskets, ponding, and debris. 

USB or DVD of the professional reports and videos provide Municipalities, consultants and decision makers with invaluable information to properly assess the condition of municipal infrastructures.    

Nieltech CCTV Operators are NASSCO certified and adhere to the PACP, MACP, and WRC coding requirements.


The right tool for the right job.


Camera Controller

Pro Scout III

Self Upright


Features & Benefits:

  • Mainline and Lateral Inspection Camera

    • Pan and tilt inspection of mainline with simultaneous             inspection of lateral services

    • Inspection of 6" through 30" diameter mainlines

    • Lateral inspection of 2" through 6" diameter services

    • Both camera dimensions = 1.5" diameter x 3.5" length


• Variable light intensity for the lateral and mainline cameras

• Rotation control for the launcher

• Joystick control of extend / retract with variable speed for     lateral camera

• Joystick control of pan and tilt camera

• High voltage and over current LED indicators to protect all   equipment

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