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Upon completing the CCTV inspections, Nieltech assess the condition of the lines and looks for any cracks, broken pieces of pipe, holes, protruding connections, offset joints, roots intrusions and any structural issues that may be revealed during the inspection.  Nieltech offers its clients several options to address and fix issues of this nature and one of the solutions is a Spot Repair. 


Spot Repair is a CIPP trenchless rehabilitation method that Nieltech uses to repair existing sewer mainline.


The initial and crucial step is to properly clean and prep the host pipe. Prepping may include removal of roots, protrusions, calcite buildup and grout any infiltrating joints and/or connections. Once the area is cleaned and the Spot Repair liner is pulled into place through an existing manhole and placed directly over the spot which requires repair the processing stage begins by inflating the mandrel with air which presses the Spot Repair liner against the host pipe.  Steam is introduced to the mandrel to activate the customized resin saturated in the crosslinks of the liner causing it to form a hard, impermeable pipe.


A fully cured Spot Repair liner provides new structural support and increases the flow through the repaired area due to the improved hydraulic properties of the liner. 





Features & Benefits:

  • Features

    • High Quality video footage for your records

    • Video obtained with minimal disruption

    • No additional damage to pipes while assessing


  • Benefits

    • Efficient

    • Cost effective

    • Quick results

    • Avoid open cut repairs

    • Professional reports


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